Thank you for your interest in the Lunar Rendezbrew 24 organized by Bay Area Mashtronauts.

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Please Note: Competitors can enter 2 entries per category. There is limit.  If an individual wants to enter beer as an individual and as a team then the individual can enter 2 beers and the team can enter 2 beers per category.  Category is defined in the BJCP terms such as Category 10 is American Ales.  It doesn't matter which sub-categories (American Pale, American Amber, or American Brown) as long as you only enter 2.

Lunar Rendezbrew is an BJCP sanctioned competition. We will be using the 2015 BJCP Categories for all beers, meads, and ciders. First, second, and third place winners for each category will receive Lunar Rendezbrew medals. Depending on the quantity of entries.  The Bay Area Mashtronauts reserve the right to split or collapse categories as warranted by the number of entries.  All winners will be judged at Best of Show.  Best of Show winners will receive some very nice bling!

The Rendezbrew competition and event is held to promote homebrewing and to give brewers a chance to compete against each and/or receive feedback.   The Bay Area Mashtronauts hold this event.  We are a homebrewing club in the Clear Lake area of Houston.  We encourage brewers to seek out homebrew clubs to share brewing knowledge, gain feedback, or just hang out with other homebrewers.  Houston is a large city and if you aren't in Clear Lake then it's not always easy to get here for a meeting.  Fortunately, there are other homebrew clubs in Houston.  The list below includes most of the main clubs in the area.

The Mashtronauts and Rendezbrew are also part of a larger group of competitions and clubs.  Rendezbrew is one of the competitions in the Lone Star Circuit which is a group of competitions throughout Texas.  Brewers receive points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons in an effort to win overall awards for individuals, teams, and clubs.  Please find more information on the Lone Star Circuit website.

Competition Officials

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Tim Gamble — President Of The Bay Area Mashtronauts
  • Steve Gawenis — Entry Website Admin
  • LR Judging Team — Head Judge & Head Steward